The Institute for Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP) was established as a non-profit organization (501K) in the United States in 1982.

INSTAP supports research into the civilizations of the Aegean and related areas from the Paleolithic to the beginning of writing in Greek, traditionally set at the first Olympiad in 776 BC.

To that end, INSTAP has awarded more than 4000 grants to individual scholars and organizations from more than 15 countries.

INSTAP has funded excavation projects, field surveys, scientific analysis, conservation of sites and materials, study and research of archaeological artifacts and assemblages, publication, and the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete, and promotes technological advances in the field, including in such areas as petrography, paleobotany, GPR and GPS, C-14 analysis, DNA analysis, and dendrochronology.

INSTAP supported synergasia with Greek archaeologists and ephorates. Project teams are international, composed of students and scholars from a wide range of countries.

It has been decided that INSTAP will no longer offer any type of grant for the foreseeable future, except for Publication Team Grants.

Please download the Publication Team Application here.

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